Redlands Open Space Management & Maintenance Plan, Redlands, California

Posted by on Jan 21, 2014 in Blog
City of Redlands open space.

City of Redlands open space.

Coastal SAGE joined with the impressive local firm KTU&A to assist with the creation of the Redlands Open Space Management & Maintenance Plan. KTU&A focuses on the thoughtful intersection of people and place, and the synergy created in this project partnership was seamless.

John Holloway, LLA and I worked with the City of Redlands Quality of Life Department, primarily Chris Boatman and Director Fred Cardenas – to assess their needs and negotiate the right scope of work. Joy compiled and wrote the guidance document which will provide the framework for the City of Redlands and the Redlands Nature Conservancy on how to manage the lands for optimum benefit, to meet mission and objectives, and to protect and restore the beautiful natural ecology. KTU&A has been a great partner in the work, and is responsible for contract management and quality review.

The property currently consisted of 217 acres of open space on 15 properties, with over 5 different agreements consisting of varying legal instruments. Our goal has been to consolidate the management instruments and documents; and also create clear lines of authority and responsibility, with enough flexibility for timely decision-making within a reliable framework. We are nearing the final edit phase, and will help the Quality of Life Department present to the Council for acceptance.

Client: KTU&A

Owner: City of Redlands, CA

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