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The Conway-Bigelow proposal in Assembly Bill 2043 would authorize the sale of $7.935 billion in general obligation bonds, with proceeds going to fund the following:
  • $3 billion for water storage, including potential surface storage projects such as the Sites and Temperance Flat projects should they be approved
  • $1 billion for groundwater protection and water quality
  • $1.5 billion for Delta sustainability
  • $1.19 billion for regional water supply reliability
  • $395 million for drought relief, wastewater treatment, and safe drinking water
  • $1.05 billion for water recycling projects and advanced water treatment technology




  1. Roxanna
    July 16, 2014

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  2. Martha Ashton
    July 17, 2014

    Joy, do you ever do community service presentations to educate and update Tucsonans about the mission garden?

    Our women’s ministry has monthly luncheon gatherings, where we enjoy guest speakers who inform us about various activities in southern Arizona. I think our members would enjoy hearing more about your project. We have very limited funding so could only offer gas money for your visit.

    If this is something that we could discuss, I look forward to hearing from you. The timeframe I am speaking about would be November 18, and our presentations are limited to no more than 40 minutes.

    Hoping to hear from you.
    ,Martha Ashton, Moderator
    Presbyterian Women’s Ministry
    Valley Presbyterian Church
    Green Valley


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