University of Arizona

Richard+Bauer Architects

University of Arizona Planning, Design & Construction

Honor Award in Architecture, American Institute of Architects (AIA), University of Arizona, Meinel Optical Sciences Research Building, 2007

minenelthumThe American Institute of Architects 2007 Honor Award winner for Architecture, this University of Arizona Meinel Optical Sciences Center Expansion is an iconic symbol of the integration of architectural and landscape architectural form, materials and context. Located prominently on the central campus mall, the building and its distinctive landscape make a visual statement from many views while responding to the unique site. The selection of sculptural desert plant materials, rustic local rock and massings of indigenous trees juxtaposed with cool spaces for people to linger creates a landscape which responds to the building architecture and the needs of the University campus.

We collaborated with the architecture firm of Richard & Bauer Architects to create a unified design which integrates the concepts of light, reflection, and perspective to create distinct landscape.  Outdoor classroom space, space for people to spontaneously interact and share knowledge, cool reflective spaces and accessible routes were seamlessly integrated into the north and west facing plazas.

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