Community Resource Center

MCS Architects

City of Tucson Community Development, Tucson, AZ

Picture9Lyndes worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team to create a unique outdoor public gathering space in the center of this grouping of four public buildings.  She led the courtyard/plaza design, way-finding, connectivity to neighborhood trails, conformance with the Native Plant Preservation Ordinance (NPPO) and designed the entry statement for this $11 million office building complex.

The project was a Brownfield development and incorporated public art in the planning and design on this former landfill site.  The stakeholder coordination included City of Tucson Community Development and Development Services, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) and Pima County’s Department of Environmental Quality. I developed a special irrigation system design to respond to the landfill condition which met ADEQ requirements, and included special trenching details to prevent the migration of methane to non-landfill areas, and soil moisture sensor system tied to the controller to shut the system down if a break occurs.

Differential soil settlement on an active landfill and methane are both on-going issues when designing on landfills. Joy has been solicited as a specialist to assist with the design of numerous projects on landfills.

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