Westside Police Substation

WSM Architects

City of Tucson Facilities Division, Tucson, AZ

The City decided to make the Crime Lab project a model project for the implementation of the City of Tucson’s new Water Harvesting Ordinance

Download a PDF of the City of Tucson Rain Water Harvesting Ordinanance →


Rain Water Harvesting Cistern Installation

Crime Lab Water Harvesting Case Study

westside p s 4

Police Substation Plaza Entry

The City of Tucson selected an abandoned Kmart for adaptive reuse as the Westside Police Substation.

Lyndes oversaw the design, and the challenge was to create a classic, clean space while reducing the scale of the enormous pre-existing parking lot in front of the facility.

We included water harvesting, preservation of plants on site, and breaking up the site into spaces that create a rhythm of visual experience for the visitors of the facility. This also allows for a variety of uses such as waiting, reading, meeting, and conversation.  Security is a concern, so barriers within the pedestrian plaza will be designed into the entire space.

Located immediately adjacent to the Westside Police Service Center, is the City of Tucson’s Crime Lab. This facility is intended to be the second stepping stone towards an integrated campus for the City’s Police Department. The campus achieves cohesion throughout its development through the use of complimentary building styles, materials and landscaping. Given its integral role in the overall TPD Campus, the landscape design concept for the Crime Lab highlights similar forms and plant materials as the service center while celebrating the new, state of the art Crime Lab Facility through the use of clean, strong lines and sustainable landscape practices. The overall landscape consist of native or near native plants that require minimal care and upkeep. Both conventional drip irrigation system and an innovative water harvesting below and above ground cisterns, swales and micro-basins were designed to provide long-term water needs.

We worked closely with the City in planning, design and construction phases of both of these important facilities. With the confidence in expertise earned in the process, the City decided to make the Crime Lab project a model project for the implementation of the City of Tucson’s new Water Harvesting Ordinance. Calculations demonstrate that the rain water harvesting system harvests and provides 63% of the landscape plants water needs annually. It relies on a rooftop rainwater collection, below ground cisterns, at-grade swales and micro-basins, and a mechanical systems condensate harvesting system.

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