Monument Valley

Navajo Nation, Window Rock, AZ

From the site and the visitor center you can capture panoramic views of the Mitten buttes and Merrick Butte.

monumentprojectJoy’s team assisted the Navajo Nation with the design of a Master Plan for Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.  Before pre-history the Park was a vast lowland basin.  The geology of the area is dramatic with materials that eroded from the early Rock Mountain and created a plateau out of the basin. The combination of natural forces of wind and water eroded the land and slowly revealed the amazing natural landmark called Monument Valley.

The Master Plan objectives were to enhance the Park’s unique sense of place, and design the landscape to foster great community pride.  The master plan included plans and concept sketches of entry drive features, interpretive elements, plaza space, courtyard, RV parking, campgrounds, hiking and jogging trails as well as equestrian facilities.

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