Gates Pass


Pima County Safety Improvements, Pima County, AZ

"Roads and Bridges" magazine, Third Best Road Project in the country, Gates Pass Safety Improvements, 2006

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Gates Pass Road is one of only two roadways that cross the Tucson Mountains and the Tucson Mountain Park Preserve. It is a primary route between the Tucson metropolitan area and several cultural, tourism, and residential destinations on the west side of the Tucson  Mountains. It’s scenic beyond most – it’s dramatic geologically and ecologically, and represents a fragile and beautiful landscape. The YouTube link above was taken by a visitor, and captures this natural beauty magnificently.

We approach the restoration of construction impacts to natural landmarks like Gates Pass with the final objective being that the site looks like the improvements were never done. We achieve our objectives when the site looks natural, the improvement looks like it’s blended with the context, and the habitat looks undisturbed and functions well.

Since a major element of this project was the visual and ecological sensitivity of the site, Joy was hired to handle visual and environmental assessment, mitigation and ecological restoration. Roads and Bridges Magazine named this project the Third Best Road Project in the country for 2006, and notes that it was perhaps the “most complex” of all of their Top 10 Best Road Projects.

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