Casa Grande City Hall

Planners Ink and City of Casa Grande

City of Casa Grande, AZ

The City of Casa Grande identified Landscape Architecture as the keystone to the success of their urban improvement.

Casa Grande projectLyndes planned and designed the landscape associated with the historic Casa Grande high school, restored for adaptive re-use as the Casa Grande City Hall.

We planned and designed the pedestrian plazas, and planting and irrigation systems for an entire city block, plus oversight of bidding and construction.  The City of Casa Grande identified landscape architecture as the keystone to the success of their urban revitalization, and engaged the broad stakeholder group of staff, citizens and City Council in the planning and review.

Our approach to adaptive reuse of historic properties includes research on the historic uses and supporting landscapes. We use historic photos, oral and written histories and newspaper articles and press to document the styles, uses and history. Combined with the contemporary needs for the spaces, programmed uses for the buildings and landscapes, as well as budgeted funds available, we propose several planning-level concepts for client consideration – with supporting documentation. When a property is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, we work with the historic specialist team to define the period of significance, and then approach treatments with consideration for the significance and integrity of the existing resources. Our designs preserve, rehabilitate, restore, or reconstruct the historic resources following the Secretary of Interior Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

The City of Casa Grande contracted Joy to assist with the redevelopment and restoration of a historic, one-block site. Joy planned and designed preservation and enhancement of the new City Hall, which was renovated from the old historic high school; designed pedestrian plazas, planting plans and new irrigation system for the entire site; and provided oversight during bidding and construction.

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